We participate in cultural-historical research projects in the region and in raising public awareness of the preservation of cultural assets. Our activities include

Because of its artistic quality and expressiveness as well as its international relevance, our various projects focused mainly on the Hildesheim UNESCO World Heritage Cathedral and St. Michael's.



Our research on regional cultural assets is mainly published in our publication series:

  • on St. Michaels (Vol. 2 and 14),
  • on the Kaiserhaus in Hildesheim (Vol. 1)
  • on the churches (Vol. 4) and town halls (Vol. 6) in Lower Saxon
  • as well as on St. Godehard in Hildesheim (Vol. 23)

Future Heirs

We are also pleased to be involved in the cultural education of children and young people, the future heirs of our cultural heritage. In our regional or international projects, we attach great importance not only to personal encounters between young people and cultural assets and restorers, but also to sustainability in the classroom and in extracurricular education.

In cooperation with teachers, tried and tested teaching materials on the Hildesheim World Heritage Site were developed, a lending library for teachers with materials on heritage education and a culture kit.

In a project, we brought young people together with contemporary artists to discuss the issues surrounding the use of materials that cannot be well preserved, such as chocolate.


Network: The Hildesheim Kultur.Spitzen

Again and again, we cooperate with other scientific institutions in Hildesheim, which we have united to form the Network of Kultur.Spitzen.